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About Banana Bob's
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BANANA BOB's All Butter Jamican Banana Bread, began a few years ago after a grateful neighbor received a loaf of banana bread as a get well gift and suggested that the baker, Bob Ozasky, start a business.  That evening Bob turned to his wife laughing at the thought, saying "What am I going to call myself, Banana Bob?"  His wife turned to him and replied, "Why not?"  And so it began.  A new recipe, taste tested by master bakers in the community who pronounced it, "gourmet worthy," and a new business to distribute his tasty treat.


Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.

Banana Bob's is dedicated to helping those who are in need.  We donate 5% of our gross profits to children and the elderly through church and private organizations.  We also proudly support our military, police, and firemen and women everywhere!